Adopted Chinese Girls, Asian American Experience

I’ve long been interested in the intersection and interplay of ethnicity, gender, class & culture especially as it relates to adopted Asian children and the diversity of the Asian American experience across generations. Growing up, my sisters and I were referred to as “banana kids” (yellow on the outside, white […]

Jeremy Lin: Good for Asians, Good for All Americans

Jeremy Lin’s meteoric stardom and positive attitude towards the game and his team not only are great for basketball, a major stereotype-buster (e.g. academic nerd, foreigner, can’t speak English), and an inspiration to many Asian Americans, but also a wonderful role model for ALL of us, regardless of race/ethnicity. However […]

Multicultural Adoptions, Identity and Race

Article on findings that adoptions in America are increasingly cross-racial, creating multicultural families and points to potential issues regarding identity development, racial dynamics and the importance of cultural awareness. ——- Excerpt: “Colorblindness actually creates discordance,” Samuels says, because parents set their children up to believe that race doesn’t matter — […]