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Adopted Chinese Girls, Asian American Experience

Natalie in ballet class

I’ve long been interested in the intersection and interplay of ethnicity, gender, class & culture especially as it relates to adopted Asian children and the diversity of the Asian American experience across generations. Growing up, my sisters and I were referred to as “banana kids” (yellow on the outside, white on the outside) because we were born in America. Black friends said their version was “Oreo.” Funny how food always finds its edible way into our lives, sometimes where you least expect!

I enjoyed teaching a cultural cooking class  and speaking about Asian American “girl empowerment” and leadership with Families with Children from China and Hand in Hand (wonderful Atlanta organizations). There are several good resources and books out there. Here are a few I have:

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Sex, Race and Marriage: More Interracial Couples

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Interesting cultural findings in USA Today article on growing number of interracial couples and marriages:

  • Tolerance: 43% agree that “more people of different races marrying each other has been a change for the better in our society.” 44% say it made no difference; 11% say it’s been a change for the worse.
  • Regional differences: 35% of all newlyweds who married outside their race live in the West. Other states with 20% or more are all west of the Mississippi.
  • Gender/Race: Among Blacks, 24% of newlywed men married outside their race, vs. 9% of women. Among Asians, the opposite is true: 36% of women married outside their race, vs. 17% of men.