Wine and Chinese Food!

Enjoyed a Pinot Noir (BYO) with Chinese tapas, chive pie, soup dumplings,  cold glutinous beef cuts, mutton hot pot, bitter melon, seaweed salad–very good! Location: Northern China Eatery, 5141 Buford Highway, Doraville, GA 30340. Yes, we discovered it a year before Anthony Bourdain! A small casual spot specializing in Northern […]

EVENT PHOTOS! Lunar New Year Cultural Dinner

We had a full house (with a waiting list) for the Chinese New Year Cultural Dinner! Margaret kicked off the evening with personalized Chinese calligraphy with a family heirloom ink stone set. Handcrafted lucky bamboo centerpieces and Flavor of Georgia Winner, My Sweet Hottie dipping sauce, graced the tables to […]

Countdown: Chinese New Year Top 10 Traditions #8

Countdown to Chinese Lunar New Year, Top 10 Traditions….cont’d   #8   Family time visits! Put down that cell phone, get off the computer and visit parents, relatives and pay respect  to ancestors, loved ones passed. Bring an offering of food, fruit and flowers.             […]