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Authentic Redefined

Folks often ask me where to find authentic Chinese food in Atlanta or whether a specific restaurant is authentic. It’s a funny question to me. The short answer is: It depends. Authentic to whom? I, myself, like to ask servers to give me their personal recommendations. If Shanghai-styled steamed buns […]

Jeremy Lin Wears “I Can’t Breathe” Shirt

As a multicultural relations educator and longtime supporter of social justice, I believe that an act of violence and bigotry against one of is us an act of violence and bigotry against all of us. We’ve come a long way. Let’s not get complacent. A kinder, just world benefits everyone, […]

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Cooking Class: Better-Than-Chinese Takeout

Better-Than-Chinese-Takeout cooking class with Chinese Southern Belle! Wednesday, January 14, 7pm, REGISTER Cook’s Warehouse (Search by Chef “Natalie & Margaret Keng”) Did you know there are more Chinese takeout restaurants in America than top fast food chains combined? Join Natalie & Margaret Keng, Atlanta’s most popular mother-daughter culinary duo, for […]