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Mother’s Day Every Day with Tigger Mom!

Restrictive, oppressive, traditional Chinese Tiger Mother?? No way! My mother celebrates and embraces creativity, learning, new friendships and adventures, as much as she honors her own family and heritage. With her help and encouragement, I’m able to pursue my dream of sharing food, culture and diversity through Chinese Southern Belle […]

Asian American Heritage Event: Kevin So CD Release, Eddie’s Attic May 3

  Celebrate Asian Heritage Month! Join me this Sunday, May 3, 8pm at  Eddie’s Attic in Decatur for country/blues/soul acoustic tunes to give a rousing Hotlanta welcome to good friend and fantastic musician, Kevin So, with pedal steel master Buck Reid and Michael Magno, an Atlanta Filipino native. Bio/Video/Tickets here […]

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Natalie Hosts PBS Georgia Traveler TV, Food & Culture Episodes

Watch Natalie’s hosting debut Friday, April 17, 8pm on PBS/Georgia Traveler (WGTV) as she gives viewers a scrumptious whirlwind tour & taste of the amazing flavors and diversity of shops, eateries, and people along the “international corridor” of Buford Highway, Georgia! (episode 806, after sailboating)   Broadcast dates & topics […]

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Chinese New Year Traditions: Gathering Around the Stove

Chinese New Year Traditions: New Year’s Eve is the most important family ritual of the year and a night of unity, reunion, harmony, and paying respects to ancestors. Kind of like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Rockin’ Eve all rolled into one! Eating hot pot together is common. Kids get red envelopes […]