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Humor at the Table: Chicken Surprise

My dad loves jokes and is a great joke-teller. Sometimes he translates Chinese jokes into English for us and other times, they lose meaning in English (play on tones or vocabulary) so he tells them in lively Chinese!  Since Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language (Be careful: don’t call your mother a horse (same word, different tones!) These are the times I am glad that I can speak Chinese and enjoy a glimpse and a wink of Chinese humor and culture!

He emailed me this one  :) Enjoy


Chicken Surprise

A couple went out for a meal at a Chinese restaurant and ordered the ‘Chicken Surprise’. The waiter brought the meal and served it in a cast iron pot with a lid.

Just as the wife was about to serve herself, the lid of the pot rose slightly and she briefly saw two beady little eyes looking around before the lid slammed down.

“Good grief, did you see that?’” she asked her husband. He didn’t, so she told him to look in the pot. He reached for the lid but just then, the lid opened slightly and he saw two little eyes looking around before slamming shut again.

Rather perturbed, he called the waiter over, explained what happened, and demanded an explanation. “Excuse me, sir,”  said the waiter, “What did you order?”

The husband replied, “Chicken Surprise.”

“Ah! So sorry,” apologized the waiter, “I brought you Peeking Duck!”

(please … no fowl language!)


If you enjoyed this one, ask Natalie or Margaret about Dad’s Dumpling joke!

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