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Chinese New Year Traditions: Gathering Around the Stove

Chinese New Year Traditions: New Year’s Eve is the most important family ritual of the year and a night of unity, reunion, harmony, and paying respects to ancestors. Kind of like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Rockin’ Eve all rolled into one! Eating hot pot together is common. Kids get red envelopes […]

Tasty Highlights, Chopsticks Race: Chinese Lunar New Year Cultural Banquet!

We had a grand time hosting our 4th Annual Chinese Lunar New Year Cultural Dinner at Canton House Restaurant. A sold out event, here were highlights: 8 scrumptious courses that symbolized Lunar New Year traditions, like: Sweet Rice Dim Dum Baby Bok Choy for health & wholeness Lotus Root for […]

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Authentic Redefined

Folks often ask me where to find authentic Chinese food in Atlanta or whether a specific restaurant is authentic. It’s a funny question to me. The short answer is: It depends. Authentic to whom? I, myself, like to ask servers to give me their personal recommendations. If Shanghai-styled steamed buns […]